A new version of the work scheduling software CONSILIUM is ready. With automated backups and feedback monitoring.

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Software written by Peter Killert.

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Automated backups and feedback monitoring

A backup function has been in place for CONSILIUM already - now you can automate this backup process by enabling an auto-backup everytime CONSILIUM is closed. You only need to define a backup directory. You can also archive all your backups in this directory and recover your planning for a specific point in time. CONSILIUM now also monitors the feedback files which makes it much easier for you to add feedbacks of workers into CONSILIUM. Truly another timesaver. Please look into the YouTube Channel within the next days. Another tutorial video will be available soon.

CONSILIUM will be moved to official Microsoft Software Store very soon. For 2020 it´s planned to create an english version of this software. Currently it´s available in German only.

ExRates for Excel

Actual and historical Exchangerates in Excel

This Excel AddIn offers all Exchangerates since 1999 until today in four new Excel formulas. Based on the official Exchange Rates of the ECB (European Central Bank) you can grab the rates for a specific day or the average rates of calendar week, a month or a free defined timerange. Super fast and reliable.

Check out this Excel AddIn