About code-is-poetry.de

code-is-poetry.de has been founded by Peter Killert in 2015. It´s a small software business that provides simple software solutions, especially AddIns for Microsoft Office. There are much more applications and projects planned for the future.  Currently a software callled CONSILIUM, a featurerich and powerful work-schedule planning software is the flagship of code-is-poetry.de. It´s used by two famous german football team companies.

code-is-poetry.de is the fusion of the experience in the IT world by the founder and the practical expectations that software should fulfill today. Detailed documentation - written and/or provided in Video tutorials - is self-evident like fair rates, useful functions and a good support. code is poetry means to stay open minded towards the user experiences. 

c/o Peter Killert
Postfach 1118
53821 Troisdorf, Germany

TaxNumber: 22052202743
DUNS Number: 314532031



Work Schedule Planner

The flagship

Creates work scheduling plan and provides output as ICAL files, HTML pages or PDF - provides al lot of auotmated functions. Currently the flagship of code-is-poetry.de

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Extension for Word

For authors, blogger and selfpublisher

All the items that are missing word are added in this extension. MarkDown, LaTeX and HTML output and control of the structure of long texts.

Alpha-Phase - available very soon ...


Data-Extraction Tool

Extract Values with Patterns

Use patterns to extract valueable data out of reports and export this data to databases or common output files. A standalone application.

Alpha-Phase - available soon ...